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In 1995, when the Internet was still young, two astronomers began a public feed of astronomy photos. They called it “Astronomy Picture of the Day.” These astronomers, Robert Nemiroff and Jerry Bonnell, have posted fantastic photographs and videos of astronomical phenomena continuously every since.

These days, many entries are submitted from folks all over the world, enthusiasts and professionals alike. A recent post entitled Nacreous Clouds over Lapland caught my eye and I had to share it here:

Nacreous clouds, a.k.a. mother of pearl clouds in

Explanation: Vivid and lustrous, wafting iridescent waves of color wash across this skyscape from Kilpisjärvi, Finland. Known as nacreous clouds or mother-of-pearl clouds, they are rare. But their unforgettable appearance was captured looking south at 69 degrees north latitude at sunset on January 24. A type of polar stratospheric cloud, they form when unusually cold temperatures in the usually cloudless lower stratosphere form ice crystals. Still sunlit at altitudes of around 15 to 25 kilometers, the clouds can diffract sunlight even after sunset and just before the dawn.

Enjoy the splendor of our universe!