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Lex Fridman Podcast →

Long have I been searching for a highly technical podcast that covers a lot of ground. I recently stumbled upon Lex Fridman’s podcast “Artificial Intelligence” on YouTube and have decided to subscribe. The initial videos I saw were discussion with David Patterson on RISC vs CISC and described how hardware has evolved over time to meet its challenges. I found their conversation very engaging and went to search for more.

Upon subscribing, I looked at the back catalog of episodes and immediately downloaded this interview with Brian Kernighan, a Bell Labs alumnus and author of many famous programming books. I really enjoyed listening to stories about the foundations of computer programming as a discipline and how Bell Labs helped to shape the future through UNIX, C, and many other contributions. I would highly recommend this podcast even if you don’t care for AI/ML topics, as there’s a lot of other conversation to be enjoyed.