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"The Report" by Lawfare: A Podcast about the Mueller Report →

Lawfare, a publication primarily focused on legal analysis of foreign policy & national security, has started a podcast called “The Report,” which tells the story of the Mueller Report.

After listening to just two episodes, I’m absolutely hooked. The discussion of this report is often aimed towards misconduct of a particular candidate and their campaign staff, but it misses the point. The Mueller Report tells a story of the massive disinformation campaign that the Russian Federation and its affiliates are waging against United States citizens everyday.

I am grateful to Lawfare for producing such a wonderful, compelling analysis of a complex report for the masses.

The first episode is called “Active Measures” and tells the detailed story of the disinformation campaign. The second episode is called “Hack. Dump. Divide.” and it tells the story of the email hacking and the massive document dumps.

This podcast is well worth your time.