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Son, It's Time We Talk About Where Start-Ups Come From. →

Marco Kaye writes what is on all our minds, namely that our start-up culture has become so bloated that it’s time to consider not starting up the next tech company. Make sure it’s a really, really good idea before executing, or you’ll fail and generally pretty fast.

My favourite excerpt:

All I ask is that before getting involved in any start-up, talk to us. Mom and I would never forbid you from following your dreams. Strongly discourage, maybe. If adding yet another tech company to the heap is what you really want to do, so be it. Use us as sounding boards. We’ll tell you if your idea is scalable. We know. We’ve sat in those meetings.

One last thing: None of this applies to your sister. After reading Lean In, I want her to take Silicon Valley by storm. Those nerds need all the lady help they can get.