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Litwak: Google is the new Bell Labs →

I love this post by David Litwak, highlighting the forward-thinking nature of this tech behemoth and all the good it is doing with its incredibly lucrative AdWords service. This pretty much sums it up:

Google is acting in the same spirit as Alexander Bell, using their incredibly lucrative money-maker (Google Adwords) to finance moonshots and ambitious side projects. Both GMail and Google Maps are great examples, and they are ahead of the game with a truly integrated travel search engine in Google Travel (2-3 years in my estimate), Google Glass/wearable computing (at least 5 years before its time), autonomous cars (maybe 10 years) and household/military robotics (15 years?).

Litwak is right: Google (especially their Google X division) is pioneering the future of tech, rarely allowing the worries of marketability or profitability to hinder their advancements.