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The Government Is Finally Re-Opened →

Haley Van Dyck helps maintain Project Open Data on GitHub. She wins Comment of the Day today for her note regarding the re-opening of the U.S. Federal Government last night. Here are the highlights:

It continues to be a fascinating journey working at the intersection of policy, law, and technology. Every day seems to present new opportunities for precedents, new challenges that haven’t been confronted, and new questions that have never been asked before. Managing open source projects and a government shutdown definitely being one of them.

It’s an honor to work on the challenging issues of integrating new technology into longstanding policy and legal paradigms, and in some cases, even being able to update those policies in the process.

Very pleased to close this issue, and I appreciate everyone who contributes to this project. Thanks all.

The rest of the thread is pretty terrible in some respects, but this comment restored a lot of my faith that the people behind what the government actually does are pretty cool and very rational people. It’s those darned lawmakers that are so crazy!